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KALO Education, we empower individuals and organizations to excel in Cybersecurity, Robotics, Programming, and ​STEM through innovative training solutions, equipping them for success in their careers and communities.

Company Overview

Founded by Karreem Hogan and Lonnie Harris, leaders with a rich background in STEM education, KALO Education ​stands at the forefront of STEM training, offering cutting-edge programs to foster knowledge, advancement, learning, ​and opportunity for all. Drawing from decades of experience in IT, Engineering, and Education, our founders bring ​unparalleled expertise to our mission of empowering students with the essential skills for success in the STEM fields. At ​KALO Education, we are committed to excellence, innovation, and creating pathways to opportunity, making STEM ​accessible and achievable for everyone.

Our Training Services


Master the latest security tools, ​understand cyber threats and ​strategies for prevention, and ​prepare for recognized ​certifications.


Acquire hands-on skills in ​robotics, enhance problem-​solving abilities, and gain ​exposure to automation and AI ​technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Learn AI principles and machine ​learning, develop practical AI ​models, and explore the ethical ​implications and future of AI.


Develop proficiency in multiple ​programming languages, foster ​logical thinking, and prepare for a ​future in software development.

Virtual Reality

Experience immersive l​earning, practice safely in v​irtual environments, and stay a​head with exposure to e​merging technology trends.

Curriculum Development

Create engaging STEM curricula, ​train educators in innovative ​teaching methods, and improve ​student engagement and ​outcomes.

Here From Our Clients

KALO Education was an ​integral part in lifting major ​programming for my ​department, including district-​wide robotics summer camps, ​as well as unique and impactful ​professional learning for ​educators.

- Dr. Jennifer Redfearn

As a former student, I am privileged ​to attest to the exceptional learning ​experience and opportunities. ​Looking ahead, I am eager to ​engage with KALO Education, with ​the hope of mentoring aspiring ​individuals who are embarking on ​their cybersecurity careers.

- Zion Page

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